Loren Punishments

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Loren Punishments

Listen to this titillating new episode as we interview Loren Punishments of Punishments Only spanking videos!

Learn how Loren got started on his spanking adventure.  Laugh with him and the Spanko! Podcast cast as they reminisce on their first  encounter at LoneStar.

Once again, everyone agrees on communication and respecting boundaries for fun and enjoyable spanking scenes.

Don’t be naughty or you might just get a punishment spanking, young lady!

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Episode 0024 – Lady Pandora

Author and quintessential disciplinarian, Lady Pandora, joins us for a discussion of all things Corporal Punishment (CP)!

From her years of learning and exploring, to her teaching, her unique terminology, and specific disciplinary techniques, Lady Pandora shares her vast experience.

Join us for this exquisite and joyful conversation that transcends communities… and continents!



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Alternative Punishments, pt. 3

The Spankoholics discuss a handful of alternative punishments but mostly the absolute waste of time that is line-writing!

Though essays may be a comparable punishment,  the women in this crew don’t believe it’s as tedious as line writing. YUCK!

We don’t need to work on their penmanship, we are in an era that’s far more advanced than the typewriter people!

Get with the times! 

Listen to Part 1

Listen to Part 2



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Sunny Mouth Soaping with multiple bars of soap

Alternative Punishments pt 1. Mouth Soaping

Traditional alternative punishments and some discussion of Sunny’s (currently) un-spanked bottom.

Though,  brace yourselves, this particular episode focuses mostly on a single alternative punishment: Mouth Soaping

“Sooo bubbly and squeaky clean.”
*wagging finger* “Fix your attitude, young lady!”
“Don’t roll your eyes, young lady!”
“What did you just mumble, missy?”
“Watch that language!”
All phrases you’ve probably heard before getting a mouth soaping.



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