New Year 2021

Happy New Year!!

It’s 2021! A New Year and a Fresh Start… well, ok, we’re still under quarantine, so it’s not all that fresh… it’s time to set goals for the new year! Join our spankoholics as they discuss their own resolutions for the new year and how accountability can help keep them.

This discussion became pretty epic, so we’ve divided it for the podcast. Part 2 is coming soon!



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Spankmas Tree

Episode 0016 – Spankmas

Merry Spanko-Christmas, or Spankmas, if you will! (also Spanish for: spank more)

Join the spanko-podcasters as they open spanking-related presents, sent in from one of their Cheeky classmates, Mish, and from Santa Lizzy.

Why are each of them on the Naughty List?

Who will get spanked this episode?

And do you have what it takes to be the renown bus thrower of all the spankoholics?

Gather ’round and enjoy a very special Krampus poem, written by our very own BigGirlSpanker.

Why are you on the Naughty List this year?



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Episode Resources

Links referenced in this episode contain adult material.
These are not paid endorsements.

SpankoMail #2

The spankoholics read your emails and answer your questions!

How does a brand new spanker start in the scene?
How does one network within the spanking community and find parties?
How does communication affect your spanking relationships? 

Join for another exciting episode of SpankoMail!



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Positions, pt. 2

The Spankoholics continue their conversation about spanking positions. 

In Part 2 they discuss some of the more advanced and novelty positions including; Touching toes, Wheelbarrow, Legs up and many more!  Learn about advanced techniques and the best way to use your furniture. 

What is your favorite position and which is one you would love to try?

*Happy Spankings!*



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Positions, pt. 1

Publish date of this Episode, “Positions Part 1” The ever so Ominous Friday the 13th!!

But what’s scarier than this particular superstition?
Being told you’ll get double if you get out of position!
Or perhaps it’s being told your swats start over if you dare get out of position.

Regardless, which position do you prefer?
You should totally go Vote on the @SpankoPodcasts Poll on
Twitter !

As for this episode, you’ll learn about some of the pros and cons of the following positions: OTK, laying down, over the lap, and some quarrel regarding the OTK fantasy. 

*Happy Spankings!*




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