Meet Your Hosts


Eric, aka BigGirlSpanker

Top, 20 years experience

Compassionate, Caring, Professional Spanker in Cleveland, Ohio.
Content producer and Podcast Host.
Founding board member of Burning River Spanking Society of Cleveland.
Active member of local and regional kink community.
Experienced Kink Educator.



Fun, friendly spanko who has been interested in spanking for 20+ years. Involved in the local spanking community.


Ana Karina Isabel

No soy una mujer dócil y obediente. 

Karina Isabel Guzman profile photo

Spankee. More like spankoholic. Also a Twitter-holic. 

Experience: Adult life minus two years. 

Some would describe me as a brat. Ok. Maybe.
I am an insufferable, recalcitrant, brat at times. But, I’m spoiled and so so so lucky to have spanko friendships.  



Bottom/Spankee, 10 years experience

Podcast Host and Crew.
Philosopher and Smartass.



Sunny's profile photo

Traveling brat, spanking enthusiast, party organizer, and podcast co-host. I’ve been in the scene most of my adult life. I love traveling, meeting up with spanking friends, and helping create a spanking community.