“How many straps do you get out of a cow?”

We sat down with Jeff from Kink Works, a vendor of quality straps and paddles at Lone Star 2022, to discuss his implements, his process, his wood fetish, and how he recognized us at last year’s party just by Eric’s voice! 

This maker shares some of the behind-the-scenes of what it takes to turn a passion for making implements into a full-time career. He discusses a bit about local lumber shops, the leather process, and a lot of his own personal passions and kinks. Shocking, we know!

What are some of the favorite woods to work with for a maker of these highly-polished, and vicious, beauties? The answers may not be what you’d expect.

Never fear, he sold us some of the highest quality implements we’ve played with, and we even came home with more this year!

Kink Work Strap as reference in the episode
This is the strap mentioned in the episode

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Miss Rose

It’s Ass-Bustin’ Time! 

A warrior. An artisan. 

Miss Rose Paddles are well-known throughout the spanking community. From her exotic woods to her expert craftsmanship, her implements are a real show-piece in any collection. 

Now, join the Spankoholics as we get to know the woman behind the world-renowned legend. How did she get her start? What gives her paddles their amazing reputation? What are her favorite paddles? What advice does she have for people in the scene? Advice for women and fellow warriors like herself?  

Listen as we get to know the amazing woman, warrior, and artisan as she shares about her craftsmanship, her battle with breast cancer, and her love for the Spanking and BDSM communities.

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Halloween 2021

Are you scary or are you scared? Muah ha ha.

Make sure you listen to this terrifying episode where our Podcaster, Lizzy makes her first appearance at a spanking party:
MDSS Halloween Spanking Party!!!
Yes, we love our Michigan people.

Find out your podcasters’ costume fantasies; fun and sexy, scary and terrifying, or simply spanking practical.

Find out what happens to naughty girls who hide implements, err put away implements where they don’t belong.

Can you imagine receiving hundreds of swats for an innocent trick? 


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This week the spankoholics explore the pros and cons of different spanking implements.

We take a deep dive into the art of hand spanking, offer some helpful tips for beginners learning new implements and reminisce over some fun stories about unusual “pervertables” we’ve experienced.

Our resident implement hoarder, BigGirlSpanker, has some tips on where to find the best implements. This is just the tip of the tawse on the subject of implement choices.

Let us know what your favorites are in the comments.