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Pranks & Spanks: A Radio Parody

Happy Halloween! Pranks have been a Halloween tradition going back generations. When you think about Halloween and Pranks occurring in movies, obviously the first thing that comes to mind is… Meet Me in St. Louis. Right? No? Just us?

Well, there’s a scene in that movie that inspired us to make an adult spanking parody. Don’t worry, all the characters are of age in our version. 

We decided to do something a little different as a Halloween treat this year. So tune in your old-fashioned radio, fire up your imagination, and join the Spanko! Podcast Players in this episode entitled: Beat Me in St. Louis!  

If you like this format, or if you don’t, let us know!
Your feedback helps us make the kind of episodes you want to hear!

No trolley cars or dresses were harmed in the making of this recording.






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Halloween 2021

Are you scary or are you scared? Muah ha ha.

Make sure you listen to this terrifying episode where our Podcaster, Lizzy makes her first appearance at a spanking party:
MDSS Halloween Spanking Party!!!
Yes, we love our Michigan people.

Find out your podcasters’ costume fantasies; fun and sexy, scary and terrifying, or simply spanking practical.

Find out what happens to naughty girls who hide implements, err put away implements where they don’t belong.

Can you imagine receiving hundreds of swats for an innocent trick? 


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Spanktoberfest 2021

Are you ready to party?!??

Join us at Midwest Spanktoberfest 2021 for a great spanking time! 

Coming to Chicago, IL, October 14-18


  • Spanking Suites
  • Diamonds-and-Denim dress up night
  • Halloween Costume night
  • Spanking Court
  • Consensual Spankings
  • Your Favorite Podcasters 😉
  • Tons and Tons of Fun

You’ll even have access to a hotel shuttle to get around town!

So, be sure to register to have a most wonderful spanking time!



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