An old radio with a poster for "Beat Me in St. Louis"

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Pranks & Spanks: A Radio Parody

Happy Halloween! Pranks have been a Halloween tradition going back generations. When you think about Halloween and Pranks occurring in movies, obviously the first thing that comes to mind is… Meet Me in St. Louis. Right? No? Just us?

Well, there’s a scene in that movie that inspired us to make an adult spanking parody. Don’t worry, all the characters are of age in our version. 

We decided to do something a little different as a Halloween treat this year. So tune in your old-fashioned radio, fire up your imagination, and join the Spanko! Podcast Players in this episode entitled: Beat Me in St. Louis!  

If you like this format, or if you don’t, let us know!
Your feedback helps us make the kind of episodes you want to hear!

No trolley cars or dresses were harmed in the making of this recording.






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Spankation 2022

Join us as we talk about our recent Spankation!

Including historic spankings, impromptu spankings in the woods, spankings overlooking the ocean, what kind of mischief we get into with period costumes and historic settings, and what happens when whale watching gets canceled. 

Enjoy us recounting tales of saloons, cudgels, old dictionaries, bedtime stories, mouth soapings, and oh so many spankings!

This is a vacation you won’t want to miss!

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