Matilda Caesar

Swish… Crack… Do you love the sound of a cane? Our guest, Matilda Caesar, does. Get to know this professional spankee from London, England and some of her very favorite spanking things!

She regails us with tales of her adventures in the London spanking scene, some mansion roleplays, her origins as a professional, and how a photoshoot changed her life! 

This beautiful, life-long spanko opens up with us about some of her innermost thoughts, desires, and even some of the spanking fantasies she enjoys personally… and the importance of keeping some things just for yourself!

Did we mention she does some video modeling as well?
You can find her working with Miss Iceni, and soon from some other studios as well.
If you don’t know Matilda Caesar yet, you will soon!

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GASP 2024 Before & After

Join us on our road trip to GASP 2024! Recorded in the car on our way, we discuss everything we hope to experience at this brand new national spanking party! What are we most excited for? Is it better to go with a plan or to be spontaneous? 

Then, in the 2nd half, we’re back in the car reminiscing about our experiences on our way home. What were our favorite parts? Did our plans work out? And what are we most looking forward to happening again?

We had a blast and can’t wait for you to hear about all of our expectations and whether or not the party lived up to them (they did, and then some!). And you never know who may get spanked in the car on our travels!

You’ll be hearing a lot more about GASP in some upcoming episodes, so stay tuned!

If you’re curious about GASP, or interested in tickets for their 2025 party, check out their website at for more information!

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Ehlane & Sir T

Meet Ehlane and Sir T, an adorable couple from Scandinavia. They join us to discuss their first American spanking party at Lone Star 2023. 

Listen as they recall some of their favorite activities at the party including British Discipline, the Workshops, the Female/female event, and judicial spankings. But more importantly, they recall how kind everyone was! The Lone Star Spanking Party made such an impact they will definitely be back next year! 

What is the spanking scene in Sweden like? We have some exclusive inside information to share! Just kidding, but they do tell us about it.

How did this adorable couple meet? This story is even cuter than they are! 

(And speaking of cute, yes, that’s them in the photo.)


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Implement Care

Just as your bottom gets worn out from a spanking, so can your implements.

We sat down with returning guest MotownCouple to discuss how we clean and care for our implements. 

Wood can expand and contract with the temperature and humidity, leather gets dried out with use. There are ways to keep your implements in good shape so they last. We discuss some basics, as well as some additional products to use to keep your implements in shape to play.

If you have additional tips, please let us know in the comments.

Like your skin, and your friends, if you treat your implements well, they’ll be around for many years of spankings to come.


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Our 4th Anniversary and 100th Episode

WOW can you believe it’s been 4 years?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Come celebrate with us!!
100 episodes and our 4th anniversary!

Reminisce with us on some of our favorite episodes and interviews. Shout outs to some of the people who helped us on this journey. We’ve had so many adventures, and learned so much along the way! Never did we imagine we’d get to this milestone, and it’s all thanks to you! We had no idea the impact we would have on people in the community and your stories and encouragement keep us going. 

Want to know what are the most listened to episodes? We list our top ten most listened to episodes! Let us know what your favorite episode is and what you want to hear from us in the future. 

We have lots more to come! More interviews, more education, more topics, more guests from around the globe, and plenty more of your requests.

It’s been quite the journey so far, and there’s still much to look forward to! And we couldn’t do  it without you, our friends and listeners!