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Vanilla Partners

How does one approach their Vanilla partner regarding spanking? Submitted by our listener @Ffhheather, join the Spanko crew and our guest WoodLover (on twitter as  @wL3271) as they share their vanilla-spanking-relationship experiences. 


Episode Resources

Links referenced in this episode contain adult material.
These are not paid endorsements.


This week the spankoholics explore the pros and cons of different spanking implements.

We take a deep dive into the art of hand spanking, offer some helpful tips for beginners learning new implements and reminisce over some fun stories about unusual “pervertables” we’ve experienced.

Our resident implement hoarder, BigGirlSpanker, has some tips on where to find the best implements. This is just the tip of the tawse on the subject of implement choices.

Let us know what your favorites are in the comments.

Episode 0008 – Getting to Know AreGeeBrie

You’ve likely seen Brie at a party having a blast or being, like, totally diligent at ‪@cheekyspankos. You may follow her on twitter @aregeebrie or ‬you may even have read her blog https://redbottomedharlot.home.blog/

However, you should absolutely get to know Are Gee Brie!! Her heart is big, caring, and, like, totally full of love. She’s fun, respectful, and, like, totally wants nothing but the best for Spankos in the scene.

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The 3 “C’s” of Bratting

If you’re a Spanko and you’ve been in the scene for any amount of time, you’ve probably bratted someone or have been bratted by someone.

Be aware we are not referring to the dictionary definition of being a brat. We are talking about the art of being a brat in order to get the spanking you so richly crave.

The SpankoPodcast Brats have come up with the 3 “C’s” of Bratting to get themselves spanked.