Judicial Spankings

What is Judicial Spanking? 

We sat down (gingerly) with a few participants from a Judicial Spanking event at Lone Star. Hear from Head Guard (Johnny Lake), some of the audience (us), and multiple prisoners (Naughty Naomi, Alaska John, b_butt_t, and Dave)!

Did they like it? Was it embarrassing? What was it like being a prisoner? They answer all these questions and much more as they walk us through all the details about this Judicial Spanking event! 

You won’t want to miss this episode, or your next chance to receive a Judicial Spanking!


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Alaska John

Get to know Alaska John… from Alaska!

He came all the way from north to south where we met in Texas! But this isn’t his shortest spanking travel adventure by far!

We discuss some of the challenges he’s faced in the scene. And if you think it’s hard to find partners, wait until you hear what it’s like to try to meet other spankos in Alaska when you’re gay! 

John openly discusses these challenges, but also the joys of the great state of Alaska, being a switch as you get older, the differences between the gay spanking scene and the hetero spanking scene, the growing societal interest in BDSM, soma spanking games, and a lot more! 

John has a great and unique perspective on the scene and we hope you enjoy getting to know him as much as we did.

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just an image of the episode title

Different Scene Dynamics

From a FetLife Fan request: Can the Spankoholics differentiate the types of scene dynamics?

Yikes! What a question! Are we up to the challenge?


The Spankaholics return to have an open discussion on different types of spanking scenes and stumble on some self realizations.  

We discuss differences between Funishment scenes and  Role Play scenes THEN we stumble upon Consequential spankings which lead us to Punishment vs Discipline vs Motivational vs Accountability vs Consequential scenes again. Even dab a little in Judicial spanking. 

They continue to avoid discussing sexual and sensual spankings. This group of spankos tends to publicly avoid sharing sexaul aspects of spanking. So if you were hoping to have that be one of your spanking scenes discussions, we don’t apologize. Maybe one day we will come around. 

Anyways, what do you think is a good baseline spanking? Let us know down below in the comments, on Twitter, YouTube, or on FetLife.



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Episode 0024 – Lady Pandora

Author and quintessential disciplinarian, Lady Pandora, joins us for a discussion of all things Corporal Punishment (CP)!

From her years of learning and exploring, to her teaching, her unique terminology, and specific disciplinary techniques, Lady Pandora shares her vast experience.

Join us for this exquisite and joyful conversation that transcends communities… and continents!



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