Alaska John

Get to know Alaska John… from Alaska!

He came all the way from north to south where we met in Texas! But this isn’t his shortest spanking travel adventure by far!

We discuss some of the challenges he’s faced in the scene. And if you think it’s hard to find partners, wait until you hear what it’s like to try to meet other spankos in Alaska when you’re gay! 

John openly discusses these challenges, but also the joys of the great state of Alaska, being a switch as you get older, the differences between the gay spanking scene and the hetero spanking scene, the growing societal interest in BDSM, soma spanking games, and a lot more! 

John has a great and unique perspective on the scene and we hope you enjoy getting to know him as much as we did.

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1 thought on “Episode 0076 – AlaskaJohn

  1. Aegon the Red says:

    Great episode. I was lucky enough to meet AlaskaJohn at Lonestar, and he bravely volunteered to be the first man I ever spanked. It’s ironic, because I was nervous about spanking men as a straight guy, not knowing if I needed to do anything different, but he was very calm, helpful, and tolerant of my newbee mistakes. And surprisingly willing to try out the range of newly purchased implements I had. First spanking to tire me out as a Top :). The podcast has touched on some great advice for new Tops, and I would add that having a great Bottom or Switch like AlaskaJohn who is willing to help teach and give encouraging feedback can be a tremendous help. Also, great point on the need for chemistry in some situations: for me, as a Top, I’m generally down to Top others, but I’m really picky or hesitant to Bottom to anyone I don’t know well. So I can relate to different needs and comfort zones 🙂

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