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Links referenced in this episode contain adult material.

Loren Punishments

The Spanko! Podcast hosts continue to interrogate Loren regarding his spanking lifestyle.

Loren shares his stance on public spanking. They all share their preferences on counting swats. Everyone has a good time reminiscing on Lone Star 2021.

We promise, Part 2 is not a repeat of part 1. You’ll delight listening to part two even more.

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Universal health care and better wages for all!!

Sunny kidnapped Piper’s pig but has she suffered the consequences??

Join us as we interview Piper and JC, or as they are known to their friends, “Jiper.”

This is a chaotically fun and engaging interview filled with advice for all Spankos.

So. Much. Spanking. Fun. Oh. My. God.

You won’t be able to contain your excitement!
We couldn’t even contain it in one episode!

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