Spanking Parties with Jiper

Join us as we finish our interview with Piper And -JC

We reiterate the importance of being an ethical brat, (please reference our Episode 0007 “The 3 “C’s” of Bratting”), respect yourself and respect others and the importance of implement hygiene, especially during these times of COVID. 

How does one define a spanking clique? 

Well, real friendship and connection is required to be part of a clique – a real click and bonding needs to happen. It’s not just the “cool kids,” the cool kids are actually nice 😉 – they’re just people who enjoy each other’s company and have fun hanging out with each other. So feel free to approach us at a party and we might just become friends, we are not exclusive. 

So… Come to a spanking party! Make new friends! 

Believe it or not, Piper and -JC raise some points we haven’t covered before as to why you should attend a national spanking party.

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Universal health care and better wages for all!!

Sunny kidnapped Piper’s pig but has she suffered the consequences??

Join us as we interview Piper and JC, or as they are known to their friends, “Jiper.”

This is a chaotically fun and engaging interview filled with advice for all Spankos.

So. Much. Spanking. Fun. Oh. My. God.

You won’t be able to contain your excitement!
We couldn’t even contain it in one episode!

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