Spanking Parties with Jiper

Join us as we finish our interview with Piper And -JC

We reiterate the importance of being an ethical brat, (please reference our Episode 0007 “The 3 “C’s” of Bratting”), respect yourself and respect others and the importance of implement hygiene, especially during these times of COVID. 

How does one define a spanking clique? 

Well, real friendship and connection is required to be part of a clique – a real click and bonding needs to happen. It’s not just the “cool kids,” the cool kids are actually nice 😉 – they’re just people who enjoy each other’s company and have fun hanging out with each other. So feel free to approach us at a party and we might just become friends, we are not exclusive. 

So… Come to a spanking party! Make new friends! 

Believe it or not, Piper and -JC raise some points we haven’t covered before as to why you should attend a national spanking party.

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