Spanking in Literature

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Spanking in Literature and Theater

Our spanko hearts swoon as we read our cherished word: “Spanking!”

Spanking in Books, the dictionary, on the radio, in a musical, on stage. 

OMG how many times did you read, reread, and reread your favorite spanking passages? All the dog-eared pages in the literature we own. The Dictionary opens by default on that one page! Our young spanko hearts, how were they not ready for the dream life we lead now!  

Join us and our Michigan friends for this episode and we continue our discussion of Spanking in media with literature and theater. 


Listen to our first Spanking in Media episode here.

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Safety & Negotiations

Do we really need to negotiate? How important is it that everyone in a scene is on the same page? Are there other ways to keep yourself safe at a party?

As parties begin opening up, we thought we’d take this opportunity to review some safety tips and offer a FREE (brief) CLASS on Negotiations.

Remember, if you don’t feel safe… you’re gonna have a bad time.



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Getting to Know Clarine Klein

Just as Clarine Klein’s audio book “Stuck in Her Teens” has been released, join the Spankoholics as we interview Miss Klein.

She’s fun for real for real, like even in IRL, and not just her amazingly relatable characters.

She’s so cool, she’s even made a digital counting paddle, which she’s said we are welcome to try it out next time we see her at an event. *excited teenage girl scream*

Immerse yourself in her books as you are taken back to the 90s. Neopets anyone?