Miss Chris in a red dress with a hairbrush pondering your punishment

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Miss Chris, pt. 1

Behold! The storytelling power of the world-famous disciplinarian, Miss Chris!

From her national television appearance on The Doctors (where she spanked all three doctors, BTW) Miss Chris now appears on Spanko! Podcast alongside a gaggle of other Spankoholics.

Join us, and our returning guests from MDSS, as Miss Chris regales us with an intense tale of her surprising beginnings as a bottom quickly turned professional dominant with the help of a miracle folding chair. Yeah, no kidding!

With her professionalism, her Bed & Breakfast, her Spankademy and her Disciplinarium, to her wisdom about tickling the senses, and a lot of other fun wordplay, we now know who really has the best words! 

And there’s a lot more to come from Miss Chris, too! This is part one of an epic interview you won’t want to miss!

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