Lovely Lady Luxe

Join us as we talk to the Lovely Lady Luxe: a woman of multiple outfits, and personas to match! Her personality sparkles like a diamond, and like a diamond she has many facets to explore.

She’s a Top: a gorgeous, sexy goddess who commands a space.
She’s a Bottom: a playful, bratty babygirl who enjoys a warm bottom.

She’s a sadist, a masochist, a middle, a little, a big, and a puppy-cat all in one.

Lady Luxe tells us of some of her adventures, the importance of self-advocacy, and a terrible acronym to remember what to negotiate in a scene.

Listen as the ladies swoon over the sexiness of a good belt spanking, have serious discussions about red flags from predators, setting boundaries in the scene, and so much more.

You never know what you may hear on this podcast!

You self-spanked with what???? I know we often say “don’t try this at home,” but like, really, DON’T!!





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Role Play with GoodApple

What goes into a good role play spanking scene? Do you have to be a good actor to role play? What if you don’t have a bunch of costumes? We sat down with GoodApple before his Role Play class at the LoneStar Spanking Party to answer these questions and more.

This gregarious, southern gentleman, who identifies as a switch, has some of the most creative ideas for scenes we’ve come across. He’s an artist, an actor, a romantic, a spankophile, and his passion exudes in everything he does! 

We discuss the scene in Arkansas, the romance of Fifty Shades of Grey, different fantasies, communicating with your partner,  some of our own fantasies, and much more.

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Safety & Negotiations

Do we really need to negotiate? How important is it that everyone in a scene is on the same page? Are there other ways to keep yourself safe at a party?

As parties begin opening up, we thought we’d take this opportunity to review some safety tips and offer a FREE (brief) CLASS on Negotiations.

Remember, if you don’t feel safe… you’re gonna have a bad time.



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