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Peaches & Lola

Can film and theater actors make good spanking videos? The answer is a resounding “YES” if Peaches and Lola (also known as Madam Director) are involved! 

Peaches, male bottom, and a thespian in his vanilla life (and sometimes in his non-vanilla life as well) joins us to discuss some of his many projects that have the potential to bring a lot of excitement to the spanking world! 

Madam Director, Professional Disciplinarian, video producer, Peaches’ producing partner, and actress in her own right, has her hands full as well… and not just with Peaches! In addition to being a prolific video producer, she also has an amazing history and some fantastic projects in the works. 

Join this professional partnership as they share some of their adventures, some of their many upcoming projects, and inspire us to look outside the traditional dynamics we’re used to.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 0056 – Peaches & Lola

  1. I’m a real spanking fetishist. I get off on spanking and have had this fetish since I was a teenager. I’m a 3 time AVN Winner for best spanking specialty videos. I’ve been administering spankings professionally for 22 years. My story is long and you can read about my experiences at my website. My videos are my actual fantasies that I get off on and bring to life in my videos. I offer real life in person spanking sessions. You can contact me through my site or Twitter @MissKellyPayne

  2. I just finished listening to the Lola and Peaches podcast. What a great podcast. I’ve worked with both Lola and Peaches. They are two wonderful real people. I absolutely love working with both of them. I know Peaches for over 15 years. We won an AVN award for a video called The Internet Thief. I love Lola and Peaches videos they are so genuine and natural. Thier true love for spanking comes out in all thier videos. I really enjoyed thuis podcast. Thank you so much for having this podcast for all the spanking fetishist out there. It is important for those who are new and aren’t sure what or why or if they are the only one.
    Like when I was growing up if only they had a podcast like this. It was all magazines and newspapers and some videos, but there were very few. I was going to Time Square back when it was all adult bookstores and peep shows and there was little spanking material. I Just thank you for this very informative podcast. Kelly

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