Communication at Parties

Sky and Eric were traveling home from a small house party and decided to record a discussion about the necessity of communicating while at parties. And yes, of course this all stemmed from Karina and some of her antics.


It can be difficult to ask for what you want, but it’s important to be able to use your words. And since people communicate differently at parties than they may at home, we’ll give you some personal examples as to why good communication is important.


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SpankoPodcast2Go 003 – Nurture

Lizzy hosts this third installment of SpankoPodcast2Go.  

The recent conduct of her siblings toward Eric makes Sky wonder about the role of nurture vs nature in spanking interests.  She and Eric discuss the possible origins of this her sister’s “ornery” behavior,  the uses of the word “spank,” and they “discuss” Sky’s own bratting on the side of the road 😉



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Eric Surprise

Accidentally “Coming Out”

Not all secrets stay hidden all the time.

What happens when you accidentally “come out” to one of your oldest friends? 

Join Eric and Sky as they come to terms with this very personal, very real situation.



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SpankoPodcast2Go –
Drop with Friends

This our very first car recording!

Join us as we drive back home from a small spanking gathering (Covid-safe, of course). We left with sore bottoms, but Sunny apparently wasn’t sore enough!! 

We tend to experience DROP after a party, so we discussed how much more fun it  is to travel to parties with friends.

What do you need to recover after a spanking party?

What helps you get back to reality?

Please let us know!



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