Miss Shaylah’s Time-Out Service

Shaylah, sorry, MISS Shaylah, is back and she brought some friends along to discuss Miss Shaylah’s Time-Out Service. 

Miss Shaylah briefly touched on offering this service on a previous episode, but we wanted to know more. Mr. Ben and Sarah (from Canada) have partaken in this special service, and they wanted to share their thoughts as well. 

Not only is this a very special and unique service offered by a wonderfully skilled member of our community, her patrons speak about the glowing results! We hear from both a Top (Mr. Ben) and a Bottom (Sarah) about what this service was like for them. It’s not just cornertime, it’s so much more! It’s a whole experience, especially tailored just for you!

Parties can be overwhelming, sometimes you just need a time out. Come hear how Miss Shaylah offers this service to provide the headspace you need to relax and respect yourself! If this sounds like something you need, reach out and inquire about Miss Shaylah’s Time-Out Service. 

We had a great time hanging out with these wonderful people, and we hope you do too! Come and listen to Sarah squirm with embarrassment… even before her next session!


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Miss Bernadette

If you’ve never heard of Miss Bernadette, where have you been?

The world-renowned professional disciplinarian joins the Spanko! Podcast and she shares with us her spanko journey. 

Karina asks some privy questions, which Miss Bernadette gladly shares some personal answers just for you! 

Happy new year 2024! May your year be filled with as much fun as Miss Bernadette has! 

And, of course, thank you for all your support as we continue with our spanking adventures.


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a photo of Sky being spanked by Krampus




Krampus Night Mischief

Imagine hanging around the botanical garden, drinking, 

and meeting not one, 

not two, 

but three Krampuses! 

Though we hear there are at least ten of them in our area!

The Spanko!Podcast women (and Eric) hung out with the vanillas and delighted in meeting Krampus at a local event.

Join us in this episode as we share our mischievous holiday adventure. 

…don’t worry, the vanillas cheer us on.


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Are you an AASS munch?  *GASP* 

No, not shock and awe, but the GeorgiA Spanking Party is early next year and it’s going to be a blast! 

Join us as we sit down with organizers Listener and NotSoKnotty as they tell us everything they’ve been working on for the past 14 months to make this party happen!

They’ve put in a ton of work already, and they’re ready to share some EXCLUSIVE INFORMATION with our listeners! 

“You heard it here first, folks!” (I’ve always wanted to say that!) Come under the sea with us to Atlantis. 

Spanking fun for everyone in an inclusive environment! FUN school immersion role play event with Cheeky Spankos! Also fantastic panels about spanking! Classes about rope, spanking therapy (with Miss Chris) and other topics! Vendor fair, gender specific events, and a chance to hang out with all your spanko friends. 

Time is running out to get your tickets at a reasonable price. Hurry, this is an event you won’t want to miss!


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Kink in Music

Do you have a favorite kinky song? You’d be surprised how many are out there!

We take a listen to some of our favorite kink-adjascent tunes, and some new ones, and let you know our thoughts and how they tie in to this special interest of ours. Some of them are super obvious, and some are classics you may not have considered. 

Are there songs we haven’t covered? Let us know. Maybe we’ll check them out in a future episode.

What’s on your kinky playlist? We’ve barely scratched the surface on ours.


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