Are you an AASS munch?  *GASP* 

No, not shock and awe, but the GeorgiA Spanking Party is early next year and it’s going to be a blast! 

Join us as we sit down with organizers Listener and NotSoKnotty as they tell us everything they’ve been working on for the past 14 months to make this party happen!

They’ve put in a ton of work already, and they’re ready to share some EXCLUSIVE INFORMATION with our listeners! 

“You heard it here first, folks!” (I’ve always wanted to say that!) Come under the sea with us to Atlantis. 

Spanking fun for everyone in an inclusive environment! FUN school immersion role play event with Cheeky Spankos! Also fantastic panels about spanking! Classes about rope, spanking therapy (with Miss Chris) and other topics! Vendor fair, gender specific events, and a chance to hang out with all your spanko friends. 

Time is running out to get your tickets at a reasonable price. Hurry, this is an event you won’t want to miss!


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Spankmas Tree

Episode 0016 – Spankmas

Merry Spanko-Christmas, or Spankmas, if you will! (also Spanish for: spank more)

Join the spanko-podcasters as they open spanking-related presents, sent in from one of their Cheeky classmates, Mish, and from Santa Lizzy.

Why are each of them on the Naughty List?

Who will get spanked this episode?

And do you have what it takes to be the renown bus thrower of all the spankoholics?

Gather ’round and enjoy a very special Krampus poem, written by our very own BigGirlSpanker.

Why are you on the Naughty List this year?



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