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Links referenced in this episode contain adult material.

Serenity Theory

A vanilla paddle maker? Say what?? Hey. It’s where the money in woodworking seems to be. Can’t blame him. 

Yet, kinksters flock to him! Like that alone will make some spankos jealous. 

Join us as Sunny and Lizzy interview Richard from Serenity Theory or as the SpankoPodcast refers to him, the lightning paddle guy. He uses cool and dangerous tools to make custom made paddles. So unique and cool. Awesome quality work too! Hope to see him at a vendor fair in the future. Feel free to access his website for amazing paddles!


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Episode Resources

Links referenced in this episode may contain adult material.
These are not paid endorsements.

Vanilla Partners

How does one approach their Vanilla partner regarding spanking? Submitted by our listener @Ffhheather, join the Spanko crew and our guest WoodLover (on twitter as  @wL3271) as they share their vanilla-spanking-relationship experiences.