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Links referenced in this episode contain adult material.

First Time at a Spanking Party

Sarah is back for the 2nd part of our 3-year anniversary discussion!

What is it like to be a newbie at your first spanking party? We jumped at the chance to capture this unique moment with Sarah. She has some great observations, too!

We share some of our own beginning party stories as well, discuss the diversity of people in the scene, and answer some other newbie questions as well.

It can be scary being new in the scene. We’re happy to answer questions and share our experiences to help overcome that fear and enjoy your spanking adventure!


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3 Year Anniversary

The Spanko!Podcast turns Three! 

And to celebrate this, we are joined by our biggest fan, Sarah, aka Birdie.
(Seriously, she’s heard our podcast more than we have… and we edit.)

Sarah shares with us how she discovered us and her interest in spanking, how helpful it was to have listened to our Podcast before attending spanking events, and how fortunate she feels to have veteran spankos with which to discuss her spanking needs. 

We’re so glad to have become a part of her journey and helped her grow as a spanko. For example: it took us, Spanko Bottoms, years to realize, “I don’t need a punishment spanking; sometimes I just want attention and a stress relief spanking.” She learns so much faster than some of us!

Do you know how to communicate your needs as a bottom… without being an obnoxious brat? Have you learned to set boundaries as a Top in your spanking relationships? We’re happy to have an outlet to share some insights from our own developmental adventures and silly antics along the way. But, in our experience, we are still learning and growing ourselves! 

Thank you for joining us over the past 3 years! There’s lots more to come. We appreciate all your support along this journey!

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Sarah Gregory & John Osborne

We the spankos in the United States have established spanking parties! Imagine living in the UK where their spanking activities must remain underground, lest, heaven forbid, the media finds out and reports our spanking kink as “salacious.” 

Get to know the world-famous Sarah Gregory (that’s Sarah with an ‘H’) and John Osborne (aka AAA, or Triple-A if you prefer). This spanking-power-couple shares some amazing details with us.

Sarah shares with us her true calling, some history, and her passion for giving people a safe space to enjoy and practice their spanking kink.

John, a British lad who grew up with robed school masters and was encouraged to take Latin (gag), shares the true terror of being disciplined the British way – disciplina scholastica.  

Have you come out to your parents as a spanko? Sarah and John have! How did these two famed spanko producers get into producing spanking content? And it’s truly delightful when you hear Sarah’s entrepreneur story! These topics and so much more await!


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