Spanko Etiquette for Regional and National Parties

Whether you’ve been to a hotel party or not, we’ve got some tips, pointers, and pieces of advice on what you can expect and how you should behave. It’s always good to brush up on some essentials, after all. If you’ve never been, welcome to the world of regional and national parties. 

When you arrive at a hotel party, remember to be nice to the vanillas that are around – don’t feel like you’re on a mission to convert people. The host would very much like to keep the space  they found for ALL OF US. 

Attend classes and participate in small events, Introduce yourself and greet other attendees. Meet lifelong friends from all over the nation, from across the ocean, maybe from up north or even down south. 

Regional or National Parties are still a private event. If you don’t follow the rules, you will be banned and may be banned from others’ as well. 

Remember to be respectful, but also, have a great time!


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