The Kink Assistant

How do you go from doing make-up, to three months later being a professional dominatrix attending a spanking party?

The thought blew our minds as well!! 

But when Miss Katherine stopped by our hotel room at Lone Star and said
“boy, do I have a story for you,” we just had to hear about it!

Join us as Miss Katherine and her protege, Miss Layla, share this fascinating journey with us!

How does Miss Layla like the BDSM community?
Is it too much for her?
What kind of activities has she gotten into?
How does she feel about spanking and spanking parties?

And how do you handle a seemingly vanilla client opening doors and inviting you into an entirely new world?

Once you’re down this rabbit hole, you may never want to leave!


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Spanking Parties

Are you looking to mingle with other spankos? Have you done your homework and been networking in order to have a blast at a spanking party? 

Get ready to play out your spanking fantasies, bring your enthusiastic spankoholic-self, and leave drama at home for your first Spanking Party! We’ll tell you about different types of parties, some pointers to find a play partner, and some tips on keeping yourself safe. 

This is it’s own world to explore:

  • House Parties – intimate and small, though lots of fun. 
  • Hotel Parties- a bit larger, perhaps a bit wild. 
  • National Parties –  meet spankos from all around the world, and even some of the professional models. Enjoy just about everything the spanking environment can offer over the course of a long weekend.
  • Dungeon Parties – a spanking party at a BDSM playspace? Sometimes you take what you can get.