The Kink Assistant

How do you go from doing make-up, to three months later being a professional dominatrix attending a spanking party?

The thought blew our minds as well!! 

But when Miss Katherine stopped by our hotel room at Lone Star and said
“boy, do I have a story for you,” we just had to hear about it!

Join us as Miss Katherine and her protege, Miss Layla, share this fascinating journey with us!

How does Miss Layla like the BDSM community?
Is it too much for her?
What kind of activities has she gotten into?
How does she feel about spanking and spanking parties?

And how do you handle a seemingly vanilla client opening doors and inviting you into an entirely new world?

Once you’re down this rabbit hole, you may never want to leave!


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Links referenced in this episode contain adult material.
These are not paid endorsements.

Middles & Littles with Lizzy James

Do you identify as a Middle?
Do you identify as a Little?
How do you know?

What does ABDL even stand for?

How much crossover is there between ageplay and spanking?

Lizzy James joins us to answer all these questions and more.



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Positions, pt. 2

The Spankoholics continue their conversation about spanking positions. 

In Part 2 they discuss some of the more advanced and novelty positions including; Touching toes, Wheelbarrow, Legs up and many more!  Learn about advanced techniques and the best way to use your furniture. 

What is your favorite position and which is one you would love to try?

*Happy Spankings!*



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