Episode 0024 – Lady Pandora

Author and quintessential disciplinarian, Lady Pandora, joins us for a discussion of all things Corporal Punishment (CP)!

From her years of learning and exploring, to her teaching, her unique terminology, and specific disciplinary techniques, Lady Pandora shares her vast experience.

Join us for this exquisite and joyful conversation that transcends communities… and continents!



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SpankoPodcast2Go –
Drop with Friends

This our very first car recording!

Join us as we drive back home from a small spanking gathering (Covid-safe, of course). We left with sore bottoms, but Sunny apparently wasn’t sore enough!! 

We tend to experience DROP after a party, so we discussed how much more fun it  is to travel to parties with friends.

What do you need to recover after a spanking party?

What helps you get back to reality?

Please let us know!



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Getting to Know Clarine Klein

Just as Clarine Klein’s audio book “Stuck in Her Teens” has been released, join the Spankoholics as we interview Miss Klein.

She’s fun for real for real, like even in IRL, and not just her amazingly relatable characters.

She’s so cool, she’s even made a digital counting paddle, which she’s said we are welcome to try it out next time we see her at an event. *excited teenage girl scream*

Immerse yourself in her books as you are taken back to the 90s. Neopets anyone?







What do you want to experience? 

What do you NOT want to experience? 

When is it ok to discuss these things with your partner? (Always)

When should you stop something you don’t like? (again, Always)

How do you know your own limits?


Join your favorite Spankoholics as they discuss their personal limits, and how to determine your own.



Alternative Punishments, pt. 3

The Spankoholics discuss a handful of alternative punishments but mostly the absolute waste of time that is line-writing!

Though essays may be a comparable punishment,  the women in this crew don’t believe it’s as tedious as line writing. YUCK!

We don’t need to work on their penmanship, we are in an era that’s far more advanced than the typewriter people!

Get with the times! 

Listen to Part 1

Listen to Part 2



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