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Consent, part 2

As if one episode on Consent wasn’t enough, here is part two!
Didn’t we already do a Consent episode? Well, yes, a couple of them…

… but this important topic is something that should be in the forefront of everyone’s mind during any spanking activities.

And clearly some of these points have fallen on deaf ears. So we’re back to talk about consent with some recent personal examples.

To be blunt: Consent can be the difference between a spanking and sexual assault! 

Tops need to listen and comply with the safe words when they’re used.

Bottoms have to use their safe words when needed and vocalize their boundaries and limits.

Communication, whether verbal or non verbal is key for enjoyable scenes. 

Consent isn’t always sexy – negotiation can be awkward, but it’s necessary! 

You live and learn to be more explicit with your limits so that your boundaries are not crossed. We hope our experiences can help you learn to avoid some of these pitfalls.

If your consent is broken or your safe word is ignored and your boundaries are not respected, here are some helpful resources for sexual assault victims:



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