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Links referenced in this episode contain adult material.

Lone Star
Spanking Party
Recap LIVE!

Our Spankoholics recap their experience at the Lone Star Spanking Party 2021. This episode was recorded from a Live event on our OnlyFans page where we took some of their questions, told stories of our experiences, and demonstrated some of our new implements Live and On Camera!  

Listen as we regale you with stories of all the excitement, the fun, and of course the spankings of our first national party (as a podcast, and for a few of us)!

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2 thoughts on “Episode 0038 – Lone Star Spanking Party Recap LIVE!

  1. Thank you so much for your review of the Lone Star party. I expecially appreciate your inclusion of me in your interviews, and for allowing me to participate in your British discipline session. It was so much fun to get punished for improperly supervising you in my conjured-up status as a prefect (senior student), with those “students” looking on. We took our discipline with spectators — so much better that a solitary visit to the headmaster would have been. I look forward to your edited version of our interview, and seeing you at other parties in the future.

    Best wishes,
    dave (CheechNChong1)

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