Spankos Under Quarantine

Find out what your podcast hosts have been upto during this Quarantine. Have the brats decided to obey the social distancing order?  Has Eric decided some punishments just can’t wait? Listen and laugh along with these spankaholics.

11 thoughts on “Episode 0002: Spanko Under Quarantine

  1. Hey clever Cleveland spankos!

    I love your new podcast. I look forward to learning where you’re headed next. It seems as though you collectively have a lot of good content to share.

    I added your link on my blogroll and I want to do a feature post as soon as time permits.

    Thank you for sharing your spanking lives with those of us who understand.


    • Thanks so much Bonnie,

      We really appreciate hearing your feedback and thanks for the recommendation. We definitely look forward to sharing more of our experiences with all of our eager listeners, will be launching new content on Friday! In the meantime, I think I need to go check out your blog!!

      Sunny and the whole SpankoPodcast crew

  2. Joe Thompson says:

    You guys got it going on. Thank you so much for doing this it”s great. I am a lifelong spanko who has looked for someone to share experiences with.

    • Thanks Joe,

      Glad you are enjoying. We really wanted the opportunity to connect more of our community. We love sharing our experiences with everyone.

      Sunny and the whole SpankoPodcast crew

  3. Episode #1 was great. I loved Ana soft-balling her habit of getting up mid-spank and walking away. Sunny? Yeah. We will talk.

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