Getting to Know Your Hosts

Get to know your podcast hosts in this premiere episode of our show!

Eric, Sky, Karina, Lizzy, and Sunny talk about their interests, their experiences, and their passion for spanking.

Eric, aka Biggirlspanker, our spanking dreamer living his best life. 

Lizzy our wholesome spankee, a true bus driver.

Sunny, our shy, but seemingly extrovert spanko; don’t let her shyness fool you, she’s still delightfully stubborn. 

Sky our happenstance spanko, tauntingly sassy.

Ana, aka Karina Isabel, our intrepid spankee, absolutely incorrigible.

Get to know each of us, our histories with spanking, how we got into the scene, and lots of other interesting facts as we launch the Spanko! Podcast with this premiere episode.

Listen, learn, and share a few laughs with us. 

2 thoughts on “Episode 0001: Getting to Know Your Hosts

  1. I found this very interesting and appreciate your doing this. So thank you.
    I would suggest though that you remember you are broadcasting to an audience, who are listening on
    equipment of various kinds and quality. So, please enunciate the way a radio or TV person would. There were
    times when I completely missed what was being said, because a voice dropped too low, or words got slurred.

    • Thanks Tom,

      We appreciate your feedback and will definitely keep those thoughts in mind. Unfortunately, none of us are professional broadcasters so there is a bit of a learning curve. Don’t give up on us too soon though, our sound is sure to improve as time goes on.

      Sunny and the SpankoPodcast crew

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