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Have you thought about spanking ever since you can remember? Did you ever find yourself looking up “spanking” in the dictionary? Join us on this episode to learn about the terms the spanking community uses to identify themselves as well as other commonly used words in the scene.

9 thoughts on “Episode 0003: Spanko Dictionary

  1. SPANKNNDAN says:

    who think,s Ana is trying to use a loop hole when she has punishment earn for swearing at work when she said I do not swear at work cause I work at home now

    • Ana, Karina Isabel says:

      Epically failing at negotiating my way out of a punishment. I suppose I shall take my medicine when we are allowed to socialize again. Hmph.

  2. Great job again! If I were a newbie spanko, this is exactly the sort of information I would want my knowledgeable, experienced friends to share with me. Please keep talking about our spanko culture, language, values, and practices. It may not seem as though there’s a lot to know after we’ve spent years learning, but when you run through it, it’s considerable. My hope is that your curious but closeted spanko listeners will feel gently encouraged to one day take that first tentative step into the sunlight and begin to live their lifelong fantasies.

    Thank you for showing those newbies that adult spanking enthusiasts are real people and fun people at that!

    • Thanks as always for your support Bonnie. We feel the same way, every time we come up with a topic we realize there is just so much information to be told. Our hope is that our listeners are encouraged by our stories and, to all our listeners, we encourage any questions or stories of your own we are here to help, encourage and share experiences with all.

    • Oh no Kathy! We didn’t see any posts come through, however we did receive an email from you, perhaps you intended that to be a comment? We definitely appreciated the story told in the email! Thanks for listening and sharing!!

      • Kathy Cassidy says:

        I sent an email about not being able to listen to the first podcast after the 5 minute mark. I came back on Monday and tried again and it worked. I posted a comment about the 3rd video and response said it was being…I forget. reviewed??? Will you be adding other guys to the dialogue? I would like to hear more about guys who spank and the different roles they take other than a Top such as Master, Dom, daddy Thanks

        • Sorry about the technological mishap on your comment! We are definitely looking at trying to do some interviews and get some more voices in on the topics. We will have our first interview coming up in the next month or so. Other than that, if anyone is willing to lend either their voice or any anecdotal perspective please email us. We want to be able to showcase as many perspectives of this community as possible.

          As always thanks for listening and for your feedback and suggestions!

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