Miss Matthews, wearing a corset, seated in a chair flexing a menacing cane.

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Miss Matthews

A Proper Birching, you say? 

How many times do you get to talk to a professional who has never attended a spanking party before? We were lucky enough to sit down with Miss Matthews, aka Melissa R Todd, author, model, actress, educator, and professional disciplinarian, before her first ever national spanking party!

In our first interview at Lone Star Spanking Party 2022, Miss Matthews gives us a sneak peak of her class on birching. And surprisingly, no, it has nothing to do with a certain type of tree! She tells us all about the excitement of being at her first party, some of the journey that led her into spanking, and some of the recent journey (and forthcoming book) about her spanking travels across America!

She claims to be as submissive a dominant as you will ever find, yet at the drop of a hat she turns on her scolding voice and makes our heads spin! This was a great way for us to kick off our time at Lone Star, and I hope you will enjoy it as much as we did! And if you’re not following this lovely lady on Twitter, you’re missing out on a whole lot of fun!



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