Sunny in the corner

Alternative Punishments, pt. 2

We continue our discussion of Alternative Punishments. In this part we cover a variety of options from the classic corner time, kneeling, sitting on the “pokey mat,” to the use of capzasin cream and… um… so much more! 


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Sunny Mouth Soaping with multiple bars of soap

Alternative Punishments pt 1. Mouth Soaping

Traditional alternative punishments and some discussion of Sunny’s (currently) un-spanked bottom.

Though,  brace yourselves, this particular episode focuses mostly on a single alternative punishment: Mouth Soaping

“Sooo bubbly and squeaky clean.”
*wagging finger* “Fix your attitude, young lady!”
“Don’t roll your eyes, young lady!”
“What did you just mumble, missy?”
“Watch that language!”
All phrases you’ve probably heard before getting a mouth soaping.

Lots more coming in part 2!




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