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SpankoMail #1

You have left comments, asked questions, sent tweets, and now you’ll have a chance to hear them discussed on our first SpankoMail episode!

To send us more SpankoMail, visit us at https://www.spankopodcast.com/contact/

4 thoughts on “SpankoMail #1

  1. Kathleen Cassidy says:

    This was a fun episode! It was a little embarrassing but that’s ok. I wrote my paper for my English class at Tri-C and had to present it in front of the class. After the presentation we had a question/answer session. I think having had my whole comment read on the podcast was a little unnerving because I don’t think I have shared some of the information with my Top and will be encountering my Top in the near future… hoping that my Top wasn’t listening closely to the last few comments I wrote.?.

    • Lol, I loved reading your comment!! I remember when I was younger I use to be so embarrassed I could hardly say the word spanking out loud, I couldn’t imagine having to write a whole paper on it, I would have died of embarrassment.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful mention! I love hearing all of your perspectives and learning from your experiences. You regularly explore corners of the spanko world that I have not seen (though I will admit to having stood in a few corners myself). I look forward to each new episode. Well done!

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