Episode 0008 – Getting to Know AreGeeBrie

You’ve likely seen Brie at a party having a blast or being, like, totally diligent at ‪@cheekyspankos. You may follow her on twitter @aregeebrie or ‬you may even have read her blog https://redbottomedharlot.home.blog/

However, you should absolutely get to know Are Gee Brie!! Her heart is big, caring, and, like, totally full of love. She’s fun, respectful, and, like, totally wants nothing but the best for Spankos in the scene.

2 thoughts on “Episode 0008 – Getting to Know AreGeeBrie

  1. I’m listening and enjoying the podcast, but I am wondering why nearly everyone in the world of spanking thinks only in terms of “top and bottom”, “dom and sub”, etc. This is so limiting and excludes people like me who switch and only spank because we enjoy it (rather than playing a power exchange role or looking to feel like we are being punished). I think of spanking as giving and receiving excitement and pleasure (it is very erotic for me) Also, I don’t see being spanked as a mark of weakness… Quite the opposite, I see taking a painful spanking bravely as an act of strength and courage. I realize that people like me are a small minority in the spanking community, but I am really surprised at how many spankos have no understanding and seem to never have encountered anyone like myself, or, if they have met people like me, why don’t they give us any consideration when defining what it means to be a spanko.

    • Hi Dave,

      Thanks for reaching out. You raise some good points.

      As far as your comment about the Top/Bottom, Dom/sub terminiology, I think it comes from our tradition of binary thinking: common phrases like “Ladies and Gentlemen,” “boys and girls,” “Heads or Tails,” our language tends to gravitate toward pairs and the dominant pairs, especially opposites, seem to become the representation for the whole collective. Just as we value people who don’t conform to traditional gender roles of “Ladies and Gentlemen,” we also value people who are more than just Tops or Bottoms, or Doms, or Subs. The vast mosaic of roles, combinations, and possibilities is, to me personally, what makes our culture (BDSM and spanking especially) so interesting and amazing! Exploring all those different viewpoints is one of the reasons we love having the podcast and getting to know people from all different sides of our community.

      We’ve been getting to talk with lots of additional people recently from all different walks of life, and we all have agreed that there is zero shame in enjoying being on the receiving end of a spanking! It is a sign of strength and we are working to change that stigma of “weakness” associated with Bottoming or Switching.

      I hope you’ll keep listening and enjoying our show. I think you might see that there are more people out there in our community like yourself than you may believe right now!


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