Our Anniversary

Celebrating the first year anniversary of SpankoPodcast!

Can you believe it’s been a year already??

Did You Know: When you receive a spanking your bottom will feel as if it’s on fire?? *eyeroll*

SpankoMail brings us BigGirlSpanker’s very first Spanking experience as a bottom, some of Lizzy’s Spanking journey and  Sunny gets on her soapbox. 

Grab a drink and come celebrate with us!!

We’ve enjoyed recording for this past year and are grateful for each and everyone of our listeners!



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1 thought on “Episode 0025 – Our Anniversary

  1. Kathleen Cassidy says:

    I just listened to this episode. Happy Anniversary!! I hesitate to comment because I didn’t get any response to my last one and so I am thinking that I was blown off as nothing has changed. I have ADHD so although your content is interesting it is hard to hold my interest. I don’t know how to explain myself very well but with all the talking over one another and so many personal stories it is hard to follow the content of the topic at hand. Just my opinion but seems like everyone wants a spanking and this becomes the focus at the beginning of each podcast. I think all of you should arrive early and get the spankings out of the way so you don’t have to continuously have to try and throw each other under the bus and you’ll be at to remain focused on the topic you planned to present. This episode was a celebration but also had some good content that for me was difficult to focus on and benefit from. I kept listening hoping you would get on topic and stay on it. It was very chaotic and I didn’t take away much other than you’ve been on hiatus taking care of grandma, your friend to care of the cat that doesn’t like cats, someone hasn’t been spanked in over a month, it was someone’s birthday but the topic I don’t know what it was really about… just a mishmash of ???? Sorry I don’t mean to be critical but I would like more cohesive information and less personal stories. Personal stories help but shouldn’t overshadow /take away from the main discussion. Just my opinion and I know it doesn’t count but felt I needed to share because I want to be supportive and see this forum continue to grow.

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