Kink in Music

Do you have a favorite kinky song? You’d be surprised how many are out there!

We take a listen to some of our favorite kink-adjascent tunes, and some new ones, and let you know our thoughts and how they tie in to this special interest of ours. Some of them are super obvious, and some are classics you may not have considered. 

Are there songs we haven’t covered? Let us know. Maybe we’ll check them out in a future episode.

What’s on your kinky playlist? We’ve barely scratched the surface on ours.


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1 thought on “Episode 0088 – Kink in Music

  1. I enjoyed this episode! I’d love to hear more reactions to kink in mainstream entertainment. Did you know that when Justin Timberlake performed at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show he changed the lyrics to “Baby I’ll whip you if you misbehave”? I remember watching it years ago (for some reason) and getting a shock!

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